Guest Terms

These terms and conditions for Guests (the “GuestTerms”) apply to you if you Rent a Property, and are part of the Agreement in addition to the Conditions accessible here:, and accordingly (for the avoidance of doubt): all terms found herein that have been defined in the Conditions shall take the meaning given in the Conditions, unless defined herein.


means if you making a booking to Rent a Property on the Site by clicking on ‘Book now’;
“Booking details”
means the details you are provided on the Platform and via email about your Booking a reasonable time after you make it, including without limitation:
(a) your Booking reference number;
(b) Host contact details; and
(c) The address of the Property.
“Cancellation Policy”
means our policy as it relates to the cancellation of your Bookings, are accessible here:, and updated from time to time;
“Initial Fees”
means the first month’s Rent, Booking Fee and a Security Deposit (if required by the Host), which are payable by the Guest when the Booking is Accepted by the Host.

means the Government ID and biometrics third Party service we use to verify your details to enable you to make a Booking;

“Security Deposit”
means any security deposit a Host requires for Renting the applicable Property;

means the services available on the Site if you are a Guest and are using the Site to Rent out one or more Properties;

3. General.

3.1. Oiko acts as an intermediary between you and the Host and shall not be liable for any damages or other issues you suffer as a direct or indirect result of the Renting.

3.2. A Booking shall always be subject to these GuestTerms, which, together with the rest of the Agreement form an agreement between you and Oiko.

3.3. Any amendments to these Guest Terms shall only be valid if they are made in writing and provided on/before check-in.

3.4. If you Rent a property, you will also enter into a Rental Agreement between you and the Host, and you agree that if there is a conflict between any provision in the Rental Agreement and these Guest Terms, the provisions of these Guest Terms shall prevail.

3.5. If you choose to order or buy additional services or products from the Host, or should you be provided with any other services or products not included in these GuestTerms, such as transfers from the airport, trips or excursions, or similar, these additional services or products will represent a separate agreement between you and the Host.

4. Rental.

4.1. Booking Details. After making a Booking you will be provided with the Booking details which will contain:

4.1.1. information regarding travel directions;

4.1.2. contact details of the Host; and

4.1.3. the time at which the Property is ready for check-in.

4.2. The Key. Even after a Booking has been made, you will only be provided with the Key if the following conditions are met:

4.2.1. full Rent has been paid;

4.2.2. presentation of the Booking details; and

4.2.3. presentation of a valid Government ID.

4.3. Room Type (For co-living and Student accommodation). You acknowledge that you are booking a room/bed by type, not a specific unit. Following the booking, the Host will place you in a specific unit based on information gathered in the Booking process. Once in residence, we reserve the right to reassign you to a different unit should we deem it necessary or appropriate, solely in our discretion.

4.4. Month-to-month. These Guest Terms renew automatically at the start of each month if not expressly terminated by either Party with before the end of the month with prior written notice including without limitation email, it being understood that there will be a minimum notice requirement before you can cancel your stay, as detailed in the Booking details and/or the Rental Agreement.

4.5. Subletting. You do not have the right to sell, transfer, or sublet any portion of the Property covered by this Agreement to any other person.

5. Guests.

5.1. Age of Guest(s). You must be at least 18 years old to make a Booking and Rent a Property and you warrant the same, it being understood that:

5.1.1. The Host shall be entitled to terminate the Rental Agreement immediately if the Age limit is not met; and

5.1.2. The Host may also demand a higher age limit than 18, in accordance with the Rental Agreement.

5.2. Number of Guests.

5.2.1. The Property shall not be occupied by more than the maximum number of Guests stated on the Booking Details or what has been agreed to directly with the Host in the Rental Agreement if different.

5.2.2. If the Property is occupied by more than the maximum number of Guests allowed hereunder and/or the Rental Agreement (“Breaching Persons”), the Host shall be entitled to request the Breaching Persons to vacate the Property without notice, and if the Guest does not comply with this request within 12 hours, the Host shall be entitled to terminate the Rental Agreement with immediate effect and oblige all Renters to vacate the Property without further notice and with no refund.

5.3. Bookings and Payments.

5.3.1. Rent Commission. In exchange for and consideration of the Services, Oiko shall collect from you 5-15% Rent Commission based on your length of stay for Confirmed Bookings, as follows:

a) Premium Plan: 15% Rent Commission.

b) Standard Plan: 10% Rent Commission.

c) Basic Services: 5% Rent Commission.

5.3.2. Instant Bookings. If the Host accepts your Booking instantly, the Booking shall be immediately confirmed on the Platform or via email (or Telegram, WhatsApp, SMS) and binding (“Instant Booking”).

5.3.3. Request Bookings. Some Properties are available upon request, which means that you clicked on the ‘Check availability’ button on the Platform, and:

a) the Host will inform you on the Property Page how long it will take to confirm the Booking (“Booking Period”); and

b) After your Booking is confirmed by the Host, you will receive a notification on the Platform, via email, Telegram, WhatsApp, or SMS, and will be redirected to pay for the Fees to secure the Booking.

5.3.4. Payment Instalments. Depending upon the payment policy of the Host detailed and/or referenced in the Rental Agreement or the Booking Page (the “Host Payment Policy”), you may be required to pay the Initial Fees to confirm your Booking, or you may be offered to pay the Fees in instalments, it being understood that when making instalment payments of Fees:

a) your card or bank will be charged the first instalment upon Booking;

b) the second instalment needs to be paid or automatically charged from your primary payment method 7 days before your move-in date; (Will be paid directly to landlord, managing company or any other institution via bank transfer or link to third party payment provider)

c) the due date for your second instalment is determined by the Host Payment Policy and communicated to you before Booking on the Property Page or the Rental Agreement;

d) if we cannot charge your card after repeated attempts, your Booking will be cancelled, and your Booking fee and/or deposit forfeited according to our Cancellation Policy;

e) The Payment Provider will securely store your card details at the time of Booking to charge the second instalment, it being understood that Oiko will not responsible for any errors or damages that results from the use of the Payment Provider services it being understood that the Payment Provider is outside the scope of the control of Oiko, for the avoidance of doubt.
5.3.5. Booking Details. When your booking is confirmed by the Host, either by way of Instant Booking or by the Host’sacceptance of your Request Booking, Oiko will send to you by email your Booking Details, in a format deemed reasonable by Okio from time to time.

5.3.6. Rental Rates, Taxes, and Currency. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in EUR, GBP, USD (Euros), and payments for bookings will be made in EUR (Euros), it being understood that:

a) the rate charged excludes sales taxes and VAT; and

b) the Host may be required to collect other taxes, as detailed when you make your Booking in your Booking Details and/or the Rental Agreement.

5.3.7. Payments for optional services. It may be possible to order optional services from the Host from the Booking Details page, and if you place an order for optional services:
a) you may be charged an additional amount on top of the Fees, which must be settled directly with the Host; and

b) while Oiko may provide a facility for you to order optional services from the Host, we are not a party to any agreement related to these optional services, other than the provisions contained herein.

5.3.8. Month-to-month stays.

a) This Agreement is automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis until cancelled by any of the Parties with 30 days’ prior written notice, with no reason needed, unless agreed differently in the Booking Details.

b) Monthly rental rates are due and payable 7-3days before the beginning of the each 30-day rental period, it being understood that the entire term of the Rent shall be known as the “Rental Period”.

c) If the Fees for a Rental Period is not paid at least 3 days before the beginning of the Rental Period, you will automatically lose the right to continue Renting, and we will issue a 3-day notice to pay the Fees or leave the Property premises (“Eviction Notice”), and you will be subject to legal eviction proceedings and will continue to be responsible for payment plus any potential Fees you may owe.

d) If you are asked to leave the property because of non-payment of the Fees then Oiko has the right to withhold your security deposit to compensate Oiko for lost income.

5.3.9. Any Booking is subject to our due diligence checks including using Persona, so that a Booking may be cancelled if we uncover information that we deem damaging in our absolute discretion.

6. Cancellations.

6.1. Cancellation Terms. All matters relating to a cancellation of your Booking or a refund of Fees paid (each a “Cancellation”, and collectively “Cancellations”, as applicable) are governed by the Cancellation Policy and the rest of the Guest Terms, including without limitation this clause 6, it being understood that the Cancellation Policy is part of these Guest Terms, for the avoidance of doubt.

6.2. Cancelling your Booking. Subject to the Cancellation Policy:

6.2.1. You can only make Cancellations from the Booking details page.

6.2.2. You must click the ‘Cancel booking’ button and successfully submit the requested information on the ‘Cancel booking’ form.

6.2.3. Your Cancellation shall only apply from the time at which this is successfully approved by the Host and Oiko.

6.2.4. The check-in time is taken to be the earliest check-in time as specified on Booking details regardless of whether you have agreed another check-in time with the Host, and the check-in time zone is the time zone of the Property and not the time zone in which you reside.

6.2.5. If you are entitled to receive a full or partial refund of Fees, Oiko will send your refund to the same payment method you used to pay for your Booking. Refunds are processed within 72 hours of cancellation and may take 5-10 weekdays to reach your account.

6.2.6. Refunds are processed within 72 hours of cancellation and may take 5-10 weekdays to reach your account.

If you are on the Premium Plan you may cancel a Bookingwithin 7 days before the start of the Rental Period; and ifyou are on the Standard Plan, you may cancel a Booking15 days before the start of the Rental Period; and if you are on the Basic Plan, you may cancel a Booking 30 daysbefore the start of the
6.2.7. Rental Period.

6.3. Cancellation by Host. If the Host cancels your Booking for any reason other than a breach by you of the Agreement or the Rental Agreement, you will receive a full refund from the Host or a similar or better accommodation at the Hosts’ discretion.

6.4. Immediate termination. The following would be considered breaches by you of this Agreement that entitle Oiko to immediately terminate the same (without limitation):

6.4.1. conduct that threatens the safety of other Property renters, Oiko or Host staff, or Oiko community members;

6.4.2. possession of, or threatened use of a weapon;

6.4.3. climbing the roof or walls of any building or trees;

6.4.4. causing reasonable apprehension of harm to any person in the community of the Property;

6.4.5. Violations of the fire safety policy of the Property (or similar), including without limitation:

a) interfering with, misusing, tampering with or damaging fire safety equipment;

b) smoking inside of any building, including balconies, it being understood that all smoking on the Property should be in the designated smoking area only;

c) unauthorized burning of any material on the Property, including but not limited to incense and candles;

d) disregarding a fire alarm signal or refusing to evacuate a building;

e) recklessly or intentionally activating an alarm when an emergency situation does not exist;

f) interfering with, misusing, tampering with or damaging, any electronic device;

g) blocking an egress path or window; or

h) leaving food unattended in or on the stove;

6.4.6. any discriminatory harassment or sexual misconduct;

6.4.7. theft of or destruction of premises or other community members' property;

6.4.8. sex, nudity, voyeurism or lewd behaviour on the Property or at events;

6.4.9. watching pornographic material in communal areas of the Property;

6.4.10. discriminatory or marginalizing language or behaviour;

6.4.11. illegal drug possession or use on the Property;

6.4.12. committing any felony during your stay;

6.4.13. tampering with CCTV or security devices.

6.5. Refunds. A refund will not be given where Oiko deems the complaint that is the basis of the refund request (the “Issue”) as immaterial, which includes without limitation the following circumstances:

6.5.1. accommodation that is not according to your taste;

6.5.2. accommodation that is not in line with religious ideology (including living with people from another gender);

6.5.3. accommodation that turns out to be in a less safe neighbourhood;

6.5.4. accommodation that has noise complaints;

6.5.5. accommodation that is not suitable for the Guestbecause of medical reasons;

6.5.6. accommodation that has a minor malfunction that was not foreseeable;

6.5.7. the Guest is hindered from entering the accommodation because of a change of plans, travel delays, illness or having made a double booking;

6.5.8. the Guest has not followed check-in instructions or does not show up for any other reason;

6.5.9. the Guest fails to report the Issue within the first 24 hours after the move-in date registered on the Platform.

6.6. Evidentiary Procedure of Cancellations. You must inform Oiko and the Host within 24 hours after you enter the Property of any issue that causes you to desire a Cancellation (each a “Claim”), it being understood that:

6.6.1. you must substantiate your Claim and provide visual proof (such as pictures and videos); and

6.6.2. if Oiko determines, in its own discretion, that the Claim is acceptable, the Host will refund the Fees.

7. Rules on your Accommodation.

7.1. Pets, smoking and allergies.

7.1.1. Pets are not allowed in most Properties. However, neither the Host nor Oiko can guarantee that there have not been any pets in the Property on prior occasions or that the Host does not have pets on or nearby the Property.

7.1.2. Neither the Host nor Oiko assumes any responsibility for your allergic reactions in any Property.

7.1.3. If you bring a pet to a Property when pets are not permitted or where the Host’s permission to do so has not been received, the Host or Oiko shall be entitled to terminate the Rental Agreement with immediate effect and you shall immediately vacate the Property without further notice and with no refund.

7.1.4. You are liable for any damage caused by pets under clause 8 below and/or any superseding agreements specific to pets that may have been made at the time of Booking.

7.1.5. In most Properties, smoking is not allowed, and additional charges will be incurred if it is found that you have violated our non-smoking policy without prior permission.

7.2. Noise.

7.2.1. Occasionally you may experience unexpected noise from construction sites, traffic, and similar activities, and neither the Host nor Oiko shall be held accountable for unexpected noise.

7.2.2. A high tolerance for noise must be applied by all Guests, especially during weekends.

7.3. Swimming pools. For safety reasons, you shall follow any instructions from the Host relating to the use of a swimming pool if the Property includes one, and you shall be ultimately responsible for any use of the swimming pool.

7.4. Hazardous items. You shall not keep on the Property any item of a dangerous, flammable or explosive character that might unreasonably increase the danger of fire or explosion on the Property or that might be considered hazardous or extra hazardous by any responsible insurance company.

7.5. Maintenance. The Host may enter the Property at reasonable times (with prior notice) to make necessary repairs or changes required to make or to supply the utilities or services they have agreed to supply, and they may also enter the Property to show the Property to potential or actual tenants, workers, or contractors.

8. Reporting a Problem.

8.1. Report a problem. Reporting a problem with the Property (each a “Problem”) can only be made by you from the Booking Details page, where you must click the ‘Report a problem’ button and successfully submit the requested information on the ‘Report a problem’ form (“Problem Report”).

8.2. Resolving your problem.

8.2.1. Once you have made a Problem Report, Oiko will ensure that the Host is immediately notified and will not process any pending Fees to the Host until such time that the Problem has been resolved.

8.2.2. In case of a Problem, you shall grant the Host a reasonable time limit to remedy the problem or repair any defect or damage, and if you cannot find a suitable resolution directly with the Host, Oiko may choose to mediate a solution.

8.2.3. A Problem is considered resolved when you click the ‘Problem solved’ button from the Booking Details page or tell Oiko that the problem is solved by email (or if Oiko determines in its reasonable discretion the Problem is resolved).

9. Final cleaning.

9.1. The Host shall provide the final cleaning.

9.2. Some Hosts demand an extra fee to cover a deep clean and prepare the next tenant's room, as will be communicated to you on the Property Page or Rental Agreement.

9.3. You are expected to leave your room and bed tidy, your dishes washed and put away, and trash placed in the external bins provided.

9.4. If in doubt, refer to the Property rules if provided or ask the Host.

10. Damage and Security Deposits.

10.1. Your responsibility. You shall treat the Property responsibly and must leave it in at least the same condition it was in at your arrival.

10.2. Your liability. You are liable to the Host for any damage to the Property (which includes without limitation anything contained therein such as fixtures, furniture, appliances and other inventory, for the avoidance of doubt) during the Rental Period (each and collectively “Damages”), it being understood that:

10.2.1. Damages include without limitation, minor damage, removal and/or destruction of any property or other asset on the Property;

10.2.2. Damages to the Property must immediately be reported to the Host and Oiko;

10.2.3. you shall not make any changes to the Property including without limitation the appearance of any walls, floors, carpeting, windows, doors, appliances, or fixtures within your room or common areas. Unless agreed with landlord

10.3. Host claim. Any claim by the Host regarding Damages can be made up to 24 hours after your latest check-out time from the Property, it being understood that the check-out time shall be deemed to be the latest check-out time as specified on Booking details.

10.4. Security deposits.

10.4.1. As part of these Booking Terms, the Host may request you to agree to a Security Deposit at the Booking time, as detailed on the Property Page.

10.4.2. You agree that Oiko may charge your payment card up to an amount that is equal to the Security Deposit, and if Oiko is unable to charge your payment card, you agree to make payment via other means within 7 days.

10.4.3. If the Host has made no Damages claim, your Security Deposit will be paid back to the payment method it was paid from, or other ways agreed, within 7 business days.

11. Oiko as the intermediary.

11.1. Oiko is the intermediary for the Renting of Properties and is not the owner of any Property, and therefore:

11.1.1. all contractual and legal responsibilities and obligations relating to the Renting and the Property lie with you and the Host only;

11.1.2. Oiko shall safeguard the Host’s interests in connection with the completion of a Booking;

11.1.3. If contrary to Oiko’ expectations, a Booking cannot be completed due to reasons beyond Oiko’s control, Oiko shall be entitled to cancel the Booking, and the Fees which you have already paid shall be refunded, unless Oiko arranges another similar room in another Property, in Oiko’s absolute discretion; and

11.1.4. Oiko is not involved in or responsible for transferring funds between you and the Host, it being understood that all such responsibility lies with the Payment Provider.

12. Miscellaneous.

12.1. In the event of a discrepancy between these GuestTerms or any other part of the Contract, and this Rental Agreement shall prevail.

12.2. Oiko is not liable for any errors in information on the Property Page or the Booking Details.

12.3. Changes in Booking Details can occur, and Oiko shall not be responsible for such changes.

12.4. We recommend you thoroughly read the information and details of the Property Page as they form part of the Rental Agreement between you and the Host.

13. Contacting us. If you have any questions relating to these Guest Terms contact us at